STONE FRUIT (Cherry Trees-Apricot Trees-Peach Trees-Plum Trees-Nectarine Trees-Almond Trees):

First application by spraying in the beginning of flowering (for successful fruit setting and minimization of damage caused by late frost). Second application in full blossom (for an increase in fruit setting and protection against last frost). Third application in the beginning of germination or after fall of the petals of the young fruit (for uniform growth of the fruits)This particular application 10-14 days after fall of the petals contributes in the treatment of the symptoms of the cherry yellowing viruses. However, the results of the intervention become evident in the following year after application. Fourth application after 15 days (to increase the fruits in weight and size). Fifth application prior to normal maturation or when there is a change in the colour of the fruits (to prevent tearing, improve precocity of colouring and shape, increase sugar- brix degree and hardness of the fruit, as well as their post-harvest resistance).

Dose: 30-40ml/100L of water. The volume of the spraying solution per thousand square metres depends on the age, size and coverage area of stone trees.

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