POME FRUIT (Apple Trees-Pear Trees-Quince Trees):

First application by spraying in the phase of the White or Pink tip, i.e., shortly before the beginning of inflorescence (to avoid damage caused by late frost). Second application in full blossom (to increase fruit setting in hardly pollinated varieties and protection against late frost)ATTENTION: The second application is only done if there is damage in the flowers due to frost and, within the following 10 days, otherwise if it is done on trees showing no damage, it will lead to excessive binding, thus limiting the formation of flower buds for the following year. Third application after fall of the petals in the young fruit (for uniform growth of the fruits). Fourth application after 15 days (which helps in the transportation and deposition of elemental calcium, thus improving filling of the fruits). Fifth application where there is a change in the colour of the fruits (with the aim of improving colour, differentiating flower buds in the following year, and extending the storage time of apples).

Dose: 30-40ml/100L of water. The volume of the spraying solution per thousand square metres depends on the age, size and coverage area of the pome trees.

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