Applications by root watering every 2 days on the seedbed ensure: (a rich root system in the cuttings, ornamental and floricultural vaccines, and fast and healthy growth of seedlings). Application by root watering during transplantation ensures: (prevention of transplantation shock, rapid growth of the root system and fast growth of young plants). Application by spraying are recommended prior to every flowering and after every harvest, thus ensuring: (vigorous and healthy growth of the foliage along with precocity of flowering, increased length of the flower stalk among varieties that have normally short stalks and are intended for production of cut flowers, increased size of inflorescence and reduced time required for production of marketable plants in flower-pots)

Dose (by watering) / m2: 4ml/1L of water – Dose (by spraying) per 1000m2 or (h-1)50-60ml/100L of water.

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