CITRUS TREES (Orange Trees-Tangerine Trees-Lemon Trees-Grapefruit Trees etc):

First application by spraying in the beginning of inflorescence (for improved fruit setting)In particular, for clementine variety, it is recommended that the application be done in full blossom, thus achieving increased fruit setting and production with reduced number of seeds in the tangerine fruits. Second application 20 days after fruit setting (for uniform filling and growth of the fruits). Third application as soon as the change in the colour of the fruits begins (to avoid tearing and swelling of the tangerine peel, delay maturation of the lemons, increase the resistance of oranges in rot after harvest and achieve a longer life in storehouses)In particular, for Valencia variety, spraying of the trees from mid November to the end of December and repetition of the application 3 weeks later achieves flower removal and reduction in the alternative fruit setting of the trees.

Dose: 40-50ml/100L of water. The volume of the spraying solution per thousand square metres depends on the age, size and coverage area of citrus trees.

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